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We recently called Heritage Lime after seeing water seeping into the floor of our front room. We also knew that the wall was damp when we moved in because the gypsum plaster had blown. The pointing outside was concrete. Therefore, the walls couldn’t ‘breathe’.

Mark came round within a few days and was very helpful, producing a report by the next day. He also happy to look at the bedroom where we had removed the plaster in most places. We had planned to replaster the room ourselves and he gave us advice on what to do.

Jacko came round a few weeks later and did a wonderful job with the pointing… so much so that people have asked us who did the work. Also, we decided that replastering our bedroom would take us too long and Jacko also did the replastering. Again, he did a great job.

We will be asking them to do more work for us.


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We have worked with Mark and the team at Heritage Lime through several phases of cleaning up and restoring our 300 year old home. We were very happy with the quality of the work , the professionalism and insights provided , and the timely delivery……we were pushed for time as we hosted our daughters wedding at home. Once finished the site was left in a clean and tidy condition.

I would not hesitate to recommend them and will certainly be a future customer.



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