Fassa Products

Fassa Bortolo’s Natural Lime NHL 3.5 is a premium choice for construction and restoration enthusiasts. Meticulously crafted, this natural hydraulic lime offers exceptional compatibility with historic structures, ensuring authenticity and long-lasting beauty. With moderate hydraulic properties, it serves as an ideal masonry and plastering solution.

Benefits of Fassa Natural Lime

  • Historic Restoration: Fassa Natural Lime is an ideal choice for restoring historical and traditional buildings, preserving their authenticity and charm.
  • Breathable Finish: Its breathable nature allows for effective moisture management, reducing the risk of trapped moisture and associated damage.
  • Durability: This natural hydraulic lime offers long-lasting strength and resilience, ensuring the integrity of your construction projects.
  • Flexibility: Accomodating structural movement, making it suitable for structures that may experience shifts or settling over time.
  • Versatility: It is a versatile material suitable for several applications, including masonry work, plastering, and as a binder in construction.
  • Sustainability: Fassa Natural Lime is an eco-friendly choice, promoting sustainability in construction with its low environmental impact and minimal energy consumption during production.

Application Advice

When working with Fassa Natural Lime,  it’s crucial to start with thorough surface preparation, ensuring a clean, stable, and crack-free substrate. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing lime with water, typically utilising a mechanical mixer for a consistent blend. Layer thickness should not exceed 10-15mm per layer, and each layer must fully cure before applying the next.

Suitable surfaces for Fassa Natural Lime

  • Historic and Traditional Buildings: Ideal for restoring and preserving the authenticity of historical and traditional structures.
  • Masonry: Suitable for masonry work, including pointing, rendering, and bricklaying.
  • Plaster: Appropriate for plastering applications, both interior and exterior.
  • Historical and Heritage Sites: Used to maintain the original character of historical and heritage sites.
  • Lime-Based Substrates: Compatible with lime-based substrates for a cohesive and breathable finish.