Limewash Products

Limewash is a decorative and protective finish that has been traditionally used for 1000s of years. It gives a beautiful matt aesthetic to walls that modern paint can not match and, combined with powder pigments, can create many different colours perfect for old buildings.

Limewash Pigments are a natural colour which can be added to Limewash paint.

Benefits of Limewash paint:

  • Breathable, it enables moisture that has entered the building to evaporate. Creating a healthier and drier building.
  • Limewash is mildly antiseptic and acts as a mild fungicide due to its high PH, it is still used in agricultural buildings today to help cleanse the internal environment.
  • It’s safe and contains no volatile organic compounds.
  • Well prepared and well applied limewash will usually last 10 years.
  • Limewash is also cost effective paint, 20 litres will cover 60-80m2 per coat.
  • Limewash is chemically and mechanically compatible to all pourous stone surfaces.

Application Advice

When applying Limewash to a surface itmust be chemical and mechanically compatible. If it’s chemically incompatible the lime will react adversely i.e. pealing and flaking. The surface you apply limewash to needs a sufficient level of porosity and texture to be mechanically compatible.

Suitable surfaces for Limewash

  • Lime
  • Lime plaster and renders
  • Previously lime washed walls
  • Masonry such as stone, terra cotta and clay brick