About Us

Heritage Lime has been producing Lime-Based products since 1996, distinguished by our putty-based mixes, many of which are manufactured by ourselves in Perrot’s Brook Barn, Cirencester, in the heart of the Cotswolds.

We offer a comprehensive range of traditional building products, including traditional lime mortars. Our lime experts are on hand to offer specialist advice and guidance on how to use our products.

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Lime Render Cotswolds
Lime Render Cotswolds


In recent years, the use of traditional lime in construction has increased in popularity, with many builders today interested to relearn the skills to use lime proficiently.

Our lime specialists and Heritage Masonry offer a professional consultancy service that draws on over 20 years’ experience working with lime-based products.

As part of our consultancy work, we can advise on the optimum products to use for renovations and new builds. As well as helping to identify where lime-based products can be incorporated into any existing building. Heritage Masonry also offer specific training on the use of our products.