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At Heritage Masonry our team of lime experts are highly skilled across a range of services, discover more below.

Lime Plastering

The traditional craft of lime plastering requires specific skills and methods to achieve the desired finish, particularly if work is for a restoration project or repair work.

Lime plastering is increasing in popularity as it offers a wide range of benefits over the more modern cement-based alternatives. At Heritage Masonry we ensure that the methods required of lime plastering are applied with the upmost care and skill.

We provide services that cover both internal lime plastering and external lime rendering, both for new projects or for full and partial repairs. For internal projects we will take care of the full de-construction and disposal of any existing damaged areas of walls or ceilings, re-lathing, application of lime putty backing plaster and the final finishing coat.

External works will include an application of render coats, as well as any repointing and repairs of damaged mortar joints and stonework. Where extreme damage has occurred, we may need to carry out restoration prior to any further work.

Prior to any work commencing we will complete a free appraisal for the project, including a full breakdown of costs and our recommendations. We will ensure all possible aspects are agreed before

work begins, however, it is not uncommon for potential problems to be uncovered, which is why we will maintain an open communication with customers throughout the project, notifying them of any new discoveries.

Lime Plastering in Cirencester, Cotswold and Gloucester
Lime Render Cotswolds


Older, more traditional properties will typically have used lime mortar for either masonry work or pointing. Lime may have also been used for rendering or plastering. Compared with the materials used in modern buildings, like cement, lime is much softer and therefore more forgiving, making it more appropriate to the fabric of older buildings.

This quality works well with more traditional properties due to the often-insubstantial foundations, this is because it offers a certain elasticity and, in some cases, where cracks appear, it may even heal itself. Another great quality of lime is it’s permeable which allows moisture to evaporate. This prolongs the life of the softer, more delicate building materials that have been used in the older building.

Heritage Masonry specialise in the sensitive repair and restoration of historic buildings. Services for restoration projects include: structural repairs, chimney repairs/ re-building, roof repairs, solving damp problems, traditional paints, consoladents and lime washes, re-pointing, lime plastering and rendering.

Lime Render Cotswolds


For conservation work, non-hydraulic lime is typically used in the saturated form better known as ‘Lime Putty’. When the lime putty is matured the result is the purest form of non-hydraulic lime which is ideal for making fine plasterwork and limewash.

Limewash is ideal for conservation works as it produces a dynamic finish as well as protecting from the elements. How often a property needs to be re-limewashed will vary on its exposure, but we can advise on this prior to work commencing.

Lime Render Cotswolds
Lime Render Cotswolds

Stone Masonry

Heritage Masonry are highly skilled in a selection of specialisms, including walling, renovations, restorations, and extensions of older and listed buildings. Our expertise is in stone and lime mortar.

Stonemasonry is a highly skilled craft that involves shaping rough pieces of natural stone. It is often used to repair older stone buildings, creating stunning architectural features including walls, archways, fireplaces, fire surrounds etc.

Our expert stonemasons can work with architects’ drawings or your specifications, completing a variety of services for stonework in the Cotswolds. Contact us today for a free quote.

Lime Render Cotswolds