Best of Lime Warmcote

£50.00 incl VAT

Warmcote™ is a lightweight, breathable, insulated traditional lime plaster mix for internal or external use.

Breathable | Lightweight | Flexible | Sustainable

Warmcote™ has been developed to offer insulation for traditional, historic buildings where the use of modern systems would be inappropriate and potentially damaging.

Used in conjunction with sustainable, breathable boards such as cork, wood fibre or sprayed hemp, Warmcote's traditional lime plaster mix can make a significant improvement to the living environment of a home, as well as reducing the energy bill and the carbon footprint. The original drive behind its development was to offer some thermal benefit to traditional 'hard to insulate' buildings, particularly timber framed buildings where it may be aesthetically undesirable to apply boards to the exterior. It is breathable, flexible, very lightweight and can be applied at practically any thickness. The best achieved so far is 8" in two passes. Warmcote is incredibly useful if you are making good damaged clay lump, cob, masonry or daub.

Warmcote is made with lightweight minerals as the aggregate in place of sand. The results of testing so far put the Lambda value of Warmcote at around 0.125 W/mK. That is about five times more thermally efficient than a standard lime plaster, and eight times better than sand and cement.