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Benefits of using lime


Heritage lime are breathable which is an essential quality for solid masonry walls, which are found in most period buildings.


No expansion joints, minimal shrinkage and cracking.


A breathable structure is also an important quality for internal living conditions.


Free lime content gives good workability. Natural Heritage Limes are natural products. They contain no additives and are not blended.


Building materials used with Heritage Limes can be recovered and reused.


Lime is resistant to salts, bacteria and vegetable growth. The absence of gypsum and cement ensures sulphate attack and salt re-actions are impossible.


Lime re-absorbs CO2 during curing.


Compressive strength is gained gradually, allowing for more movement.

Cost Effective

Low bulk density means its good economically as sold by weight but used by volume.

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Featured Products

Heritage Masonry produce and supply traditional lime-based building products for bespoke stone masonry works. Our unique lime putty is mixed with Cotswold stone dust and sand to produce stunning render for traditional style homes and buildings. Heritage Masonry have a well-established, qualified team of skilled contractors who carry out work in Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester, Cotswolds, Oxford and Bath. We are Lime experts and can provide comprehensive advice and guidance for all products.

Our Projects

Over the years Heritage Masonry have completed projects across the Southwest of England for both private and commercial clients. We are experienced and qualified stone masons, capable of completing a variety of projects including wall re-builds, building restorations, rendering, plastering, bespoke sculptural work and stone cleaning. Over the years we have built great relationships with a number of local quarries, giving our customers a wide selection from different types of stone. Choosing from Sandstone, Bath stone to Portland stone and more. Our team offer expert advice on selecting the right stone for your project.

Do you need a stone mason?

We also have 20 years experience

Building and Restoring a multitude of building
projects located across the South West

Do you need a Stone Mason?

We also have 20 years experience

Building and Restoring a multitude of building projects located across the South West

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